Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Black Lace Kimono Outfit - Kimono Outfit Ideas

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This lace kimono is bohemian and very stylish. Girls choose to wear it with many different garments, jeans, shorts, and dresses. When it comes to the versatility of kimono, the black color suits with any other, while lace is an elegant, delicate detail. This staple will give an edgy look if you style it that way. Otherwise, it can look very casual or elegant even.

I have prepared some of the best outfits for you. Let’s take a look.

All Black Everything + Black Lace Kimono

Leather and lace in a combination make your look appear a bit edgy and rock ‘n’ roll. This girl definitely knows how to pair these two materials and to make an excellent everyday look.
She pairs her leather jacket with black v-neck blouse and leather leggings. Kimono is layered over the blouse. She rounded off this look with a black fedora hat.

All Black Everything with Crop Top + Black Lace Kimono
This is another all black everything outfit that looks different than the previous one. That is the charm with black outfits. You think they are all the same, but the key is in different garments and details.
This girl opted for a crop top, black jeans and statement belt. Fringes gives a romantic look. This outfit can be a great idea for and every day wear, on a spring or summer days.

Skinny Jeans + Black Lace Kimono
Skinny jeans are my favorite staple for a casual everyday outfit combination. They are pretty versatile, so you can literally choose bodice that you want. The black tank top is something that works perfect for everything, and it is comfortable. Paired with black lace kimono, this look gets a whole new image. Don’t forget to finish it off with strappy sandals and black bag.

Black Bohemian + Black Lace Kimono
Don’t hate me because all these combinations are black. I just wanted to show you how they can all be different, depending on how you decide to style them.
Black lace kimono looks very bohemian and stylish. To achieve this look, you will also need a fedora, shorts, crop top, and black booties. This look is great for festivals, or hot summer nights out. 

Black and White Combination + Black Lace Kimono
You know that I love black and white combinations. In fact, if you like them as well, why don’t you check out how to wear black and white jumpsuits?
This fashion girl opted for a white blouse and black pants. She styled this look with cork platform sandals and layered it with black lace kimono.
This look is perfect for everyday wear. Summer is coming, so make sure to welcome it prepared!


Summer Nails Colors, Nail Design Pictures

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Hey, girl: summer is in full swing! So how about getting a super-cool and fun summer manicure to go with that cute bikini of yours? Here is a fine selection of unique nail designs that you simply HAVE to try before the summer ends.

Beach nail designs

Let’s start off the list with some beautiful nail designs, all of them related to everyone’s favorite place: the beach. Although they may seem quite elaborate, these nail designs are easy to do by yourself. Start off with a light blue background, which you can also turn into an ombre design if you feel extra-fancy. After that, start embellishing! Seashells, starfish, a shining sun or even some small palm trees will be perfect to complete the look.

Mermaid nail designs

Planing on swimming in the ocean all summer long? Then a mermaid nail design will go perfectly with your love of water. These unique nail designs are inspired by the tail of the mermaid and feature a beautiful ombre background decorated with fine, fish-scale like designs. If you feel like going the extra-mile, add small pearls, sequins or seashells to finish of the design.

Palm tree nail designs

Last but not least, palm trees nails are spectacular and easy to do. Just like in the case of the other designs, start with a base color. Then, using a fine brush, a sharpie or another fine instrument, start tracing the contour of your palm trees. When you’re done, switch to a larger brush to fill in the design. Don’t be afraid to go all out when it comes to colors, you’ll have the coolest nail on the beach!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Outfits To Wear With Straw Hats - Summer Outfits With Hats

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Yes, you can actually integrate a straw hat into your everyday outfit. To better demonstrate that, I have collected some of the best straw hat outfit ideas and I am going to show you now. 

 Off The Shoulder Dress with Straw Hat
Don’t get me wrong when I said that the straw hat can turns an outfit into a refreshing looking one. I don’t mean that the outfit you are wearing are super uninteresting and then a straw hat magically turns it into an amazing outfit. Without the straw hat, the outfit should still looks nice. For example, you can wear a blue and white striped off-shoulder dress with nude heeled sandals. With this super chic casual outfit as the base, wear a straw hat to simply make the outfit look refreshing and take the outfit to another level.

Straw Hat with Striped Sheath Midi Dress

Here is another striped dress. This time, it is a navy and white striped sheath midi dress that looks very casual and cozy. Pair it with nude gladiator sandals and a straw hat to complete the casual look. To make a super chic outfit out of these pieces, try tying a denim jacket around your waist. This simple action can change your outfit dramatically.

Straw Hat with Shirt & Jeans
If you want to style the straw hat in a more stylish and unisex way, try wearing it with a chambray shirt and white jeans instead of wearing it with a dress. To achieve a look that has a lot of character, wear the pieces with a brown leather purse and nude flip flops.

Wear with Navy Sleeveless Fit and Flare Maxi Dress
For a minimal and breezy look, wear a navy sleeveless flare maxi dress. Wear a straw hat that comes with a navy stripe which perfectly matches with the dress. Complete the outfit with nude heeled sandals.

Wear with White Linen Top & Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

For an artistic and stylish look, you can wear a white linen short sleeve blouse with dark blue ripped jeans. Wear white sandals to complete the outfit with some boho style. This outfit is a stylish one that is perfect to wear for casual hangouts.
Straw Hat with Long Sleeve Tee & Denim Shorts
For a unique fall or summer look, wear a navy and white striped long sleeve t shirt, something that looks so simple yet very good looking and also very popular. Pair it with denim shorts and nude sandals seem to have become a guaranteed way to build a cheerful and stylish outfit. Now, with the straw hat, the outfit has an extra artistic and stylish touch.

Summer Business Casual Women's Outfits - Summer Office Outfits.

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Pastels and Neutrals
It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to default to your brightest brights every day. Layering neutrals (think ivory, blush, and gray) can be chic and perhaps most importantly when it comes to that sweltering commute cool

Pops of Color

But, of course, it is the summer which is the perfect time to break out your boldest, brightest, and most neon attire. (Not quite ready to don a bright yellow


Florals are a summertime staple, and with options ranging from super subtle to bright and bold, they’re incredibly easy to work into your office attire. To err on the more conservative side, keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral.

Back to Basics

Of course, there are days when you’ll need to dress a bit more conservatively—but you can still infuse some summertime lightness into your outfit choices. Try cropped pants, loose blouses, and sleeveless silhouettes.